The Top 9 Trends in Bathroom Design

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? That’s a great idea! Renovating and restoring an old bathroom is a great way to add value to your home, and make it a more attractive, functional, and fun place to live!

But if you’re not sure where to start with design ideas, it may be hard to begin developing a renovation plan. Lucky for you, we’re here with a list of the top 9 design trends in bathroom design. Give it a read, and get inspired today!

1. Size Doesn’t Matter (As Much) – Choose Efficiency!

It used to be that a gigantic bathroom was a sign of luxury and excess – but today, many bathroom renovations are focusing on small spaces.

Efficient, small bathrooms are very popular. Renovators must focus on making use of every spare inch of space – without making the bathroom feel cramped. Glass shower enclosures can help with this, as they add a sense of openness, even to smaller areas.

2. Toilets Are Going High-Tech

Leave that old toilet in the 20th century! Today, more renovators are choosing to incorporate modern toilets with multi-flush functionality and low water usage, as well as extra features such as heated seats, automatic lid openers, and more.

3. Brass And Gold Are Back!

Brushed nickel has been king when it comes to bathroom fixtures for years. But the old-fashioned warmth of brass and gold-coloured fixtures is making a comeback, especially in bathrooms designed for a rustic flair. These fixtures help bathrooms feel more warm and welcoming – and they’re especially great if you’re focusing on earth tones in your bathroom design.

4. Vanity Lighting Takes The Stage

Vanities are becoming more sophisticated. Today, there are more options than ever for lighting vanities – from small pendants, to light bars and advanced lighting that includes dimmer switches.

Lighting is also being used in cabinets and drawers, to help you keep your vanity organized, clean, and beautiful.

5. More Appliances Are Making Their Way Into Bathrooms

More technology is being integrated into the bathroom. One great example of this is heated floors. Nobody likes the feeling of cold tile underfoot while they go for their morning shower, and heated floors are an ideal solution for this problem.

Other luxury appliances are also being included in bathrooms. For example, a small fridge may be included for the storage of volatile beauty and skincare products, or your bathroom may integrate a wireless speaker system to provide a more welcoming atmosphere.

6. Neutrals And Organics Combine

If you’re wondering what colour to paint your bathroom, it’s hard to go wrong with neutral colours such as white, off-white, and light grey/beige. Neutrals are just that – neutral and inoffensive to almost everyone.

But how can you make your design a bit more bold? By integrating warm, organic fixtures and decorations. For example, you could create an exposed brick accent wall, use warm teak cabinets, add a skylight to let in the sun, or even use patterned wallpaper to create an organic accent.

7. Bold Tiles Are In Vogue

Advances in tile technology have allowed for the creation of new, stylish bathroom tiles. You don’t have to just choose plain, square tiles! Today, a number of mosaic and patterned tiles are available.

They can also be purchased in a number of different shapes – from hexagons to Arabesques, diamonds, chevron patterns, and more. A bold tile floor may be just what you need to bring your bathroom design to the next level!

8. Accent Walls And Floors Add A Splash Of Visual Interest

Accent walls and floors are a great way to bring out the best of your bathroom, without overpowering the subtle, neutral design that homebuyers are looking for.

Whether you’re thinking about an accent window or wall, a new tile floor, or even using a textile or painting for some visual flair, you’re sure to bring out the best in your new bathroom.

Get Inspired By These Bathroom Renovation Ideas!

Whether you’re interested in a comfortable, rustic bathroom, or a modern renovation that focuses on neutral colours and advanced technology, these bathroom renovation ideas are sure to inspire you.